White Hat SEO, an Organized Process, as Offered by Chronistsempelis

A web page should be created with the purpose of giving people informative and useful articles and not to achieve high rankings in the search engine results page (SERP). Going for the white hat SEO, just like what chronistsempelis offers, is not just following the rules and policies of search engines. Aside from the fact that a website becomes reputable with white hat, finding and indexing it by search engines become easy.

Through algorithms, the search engines are able to scan contents for their relevance to the audience. It is systematic.

UrlCreating a good content pays off, and so is learning the basics of URL, a powerful tool in optimizing a web page. A URL, or Uniform Resource Locator, can indicate if a web page is legitimate or can be viewed as suspicious. The more related the words are in a URL and the title tag, the more likely that web page is indexed. URLs containing parameters not readable by humans are easily forget by users. Generally, the accepted URLs are those that contain all lower case letters. An advantage of a URL that contains the keyword is that the URL also appears in the search results.

Some of us can grasp the idea about URLs, but if we want to know more about it in simple terms, we can opt for an SEO consulting service like chronistsempelis. We must be careful for the other SEO services that ensures our website will rank the highest in a SERP. It is only the search engine that decides whether a web page is to rank first or not. Search engines may change rules regarding SEO, affecting the visibility of web page on search results. It takes patience to learn how to optimize a web page, and there are no shortcuts to learning about the search engine’s rules.

Search engines do not guarantee that a web page is going to rank high, but they provide guidelines on SEO. While search engines offer systematic processes on SEO, other site owners try to find ways to deceive both the search engine and the user. Their websites may be affiliated with other spammy websites. This is just one of the many black hat SEO tactics. It is up to us to decide whether we would choose to have an SEO consulting service, like chronistsempelis, for our SEO needs. White hat SEO is an honest practice that some SEO consulting services, like chronistsempelis, employ.

seoEven if we are site owners, we may too busy to pay attention to SEO, but we should know we will get an advantage from it. Others are hesitant to look for SEO consultants because of the fear to risk. We are afraid to invest our finances and time with an SEO consultant who are a bogus. There are things to remember when looking for an SEO consultant. First off, we need to know his past experiences and clients. The consultant must be able to identify the problems of a website and offer solutions. If possible, we should ask consultants if they are going to modify any codes, and that they should ask our permission before doing so.

If we cannot afford the service of an SEO consultant, it would be better for us to study what the basic steps in SEO are. We can learn how to increase the traffic to our website by reading and understanding about SEO and web analytics. These two are a powerful combination that we can employ on our own. The former boosts the visibility of our web page, and the latter helps us identify what needs to be improved in our website. Both are online marketing strategies.

In relation to online marketing, SEO is just a matter of knowing what keywords are appropriate for the title, meta description, and content. It is knowing what can go wrong using a specific URL and including relevant links to the other reputable sites. Creating a good content is one fundamental key to SEO as it may attract visitors who may want to link that web page to that of theirs.

Using Rubber Bracelets On Charity Causes

It’s good to invest on rubber bracelets as giveaways if a person wants to start his own charity. These items are good for promoting the cause of that event. They can be designed and customized to suit one’s specific needs. Rest assured that these bracelets can help in spreading the message because they could be easily given to different people.

Nowadays, these rubber wristbands are the “in-thing” in charitable causes due to their various designs and colors. Colors play an important role in differentiating a certain charity cause from the others. What’s good about customized rubber wristbands is that people can choose a specific color that perfectly fits the cause. Moving forward, the chosen color will symbolize the purpose of that charity and will eventually reach the target audience.

Silicon WristbandsFurthermore, colors also define the breadth and depth of a cause. People can choose to have a color that’s somber or light-hearted depending on what the charity wants to promote. That’s why, it’s important to make detailed designs to be followed in making these wristbands. This is to ensure that manufacturers will not miss out any details that will contribute to the ineffective delivery of the message. More detailed designs translate to more unique wristbands.

These wristbands are made from silicon rubber which makes them malleable enough for customization. Not to mention, the turnaround time for the delivered orders can be as fast as few days or weeks, depending on the quantity and details.

What are the advantages of using rubber bracelets for charitable causes?
•They are durable and can last for more than a year.

Charitable causes serve their purpose for a long time and its ideal to wear wristbands associated with those causes. It will remind people of the legacy that’s being established by those causes.

•They are flexible.

Rubber wristbands can still go back to their usual forms after being twisted or stretched. This characteristic is ideal for charitable events that may require physical activities like running and tree planting.

•They help in providing a systematic program flow during events.

Organizers will not have a hard time identifying the attendees of a charitable project. Just like lanyards, these wristbands help in gathering associated members to participate in the program, eliminating worries about trouble from torn or lost tickets.

•They speak out individuality.

Charitable causes can fully express themselves through rubber bracelets. With the right combination of colors and designs, these wristbands will surely make a certain institution stand out from the rest. Furthermore, these items can effectively raise social awareness on certain issues if actively used for succeeding events.

How to establish color awareness using these bracelets
As mentioned earlier, colors play a vital role in perceiving special messages coming from a certain charitable institution. Each cause is represented by a particular color that’s associated with a certain meaning.

Here are some of them:

White is used for giving life lessons and motivational inspirations. This is popular among church groups that teach people how to lead a life with the Creator. By adding imprinted messages of hope or encouragement, institutions show that indeed, people still live in a world full of hope and inspiration.

Camouflage colors. Wristbands with camouflage colors consist of three colors. Primarily, they are used in the military.

Red color is popular for raising HIV or AIDS awareness. Who doesn’t know about the purpose of that “red ribbon”? In fact, people celebrate the annual World Aids Day in support for this cause.

Rainbow-colored wristbands are mainly used for causes related to LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community. Some of these causes include the celebration of gay pride, proposal of gay marriage, and the fight against discrimination.

Blue-colored bracelets are commonly used for sporting events. However, they can also be used for supporting people who have cystic fibrosis. Furthermore, they can symbolize the prevention of child abuse and domestic violence.

Yellow-colored bracelets became popular during 2004 after Lance Armstrong, a champion cyclist, supported a cancer organization. With the imprinted message “Live Strong” on the wristband, he was able to influence people to support cancer awareness. With this clear yet concise message, he also managed to inspire cancer patients and survivors.

Marbled bracelets are actually manufactured by blending different colors to create so-called “marbled effect”. They don’t have anything in particular to support but they are generally used to gather support for troops, spread AIDS awareness, and more.

Green-colored bracelets are often used for promoting certain environmental causes such as forest protection, tree planting, recycling, and conserving natural resources. Green is also associated with organ donations.

All in all, no matter what the cause is, what’s good about rubber bracelets is that they can effectively provide meaning to a specific purpose. And the tradition of wearing them will continue to live on in the coming years.

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Storage Container Works As Fuel Production Site IT Offices

Fuel production sites are industrial in nature. Apart from gas and oil machineries, production sites also need to have their own IT offices for network setup and supporting office work done on-site. Its surroundings’ conditions make it challenging for companies to setup their IT offices, but a storage container is the best option for these centers because of its features.

Customizable According to IT Setup Requirements

IT setup is not created equal due to company differences like size and operations. However, getting a movable container makes it possible for these sites to have the right IT office size according to needs.

A storage container can be set up into two-story buildings within the site’s vicinity, which is ideal for those storing several IT servers and control systems. Merging two movable cubicles allow companies to accommodate three or more IT personnel monitoring the system.

Setting up movable offices for on-site IT centers is possible through floor plan recommendations as designed by shipment container providers. They are aware of the containers’ dimensions and the best way of maximizing the space to ensure every operation is carried out accordingly.

Thermal Regulation

IT essentials like servers, computers and network ports and cables are sensitive. Exposing them to the harsh temperature and emissions at the fuel production site may cause system inconsistencies, damaged computers and servers, and loss of key operational data, which is the worst case scenario.

Storage ContainerLuckily, providers offer thermal regulation systems within the container to prevent this problem from occurring. Thermal regulation is done through HVAC systems and other specialized equipment meant for maintaining consistent and balanced temperature inside the IT office. Temperature in production sites tend to fluctuate from time to time, particularly if the equipment is experiencing power surges or other inconsistent machine performances. Site managers, however, can be confident that their IT offices are protected from these instances through thermal regulating equipment.

Enhanced Protection from Produced Elements

Manufacturing fuel and oil always releases some byproducts, which can be problematic for IT offices. Foreign matter can affect the networking system and cause data wipe out. Short circuit-triggered damages are also possible since foreign matter can penetrate servers and other IT components.

A movable office’s flexibility gave way to various protection methods that ensure no foreign elements can penetrate inside the IT office. Just like in thermal protection, contaminant proofing includes special installation procedure upon storage container delivery and installing essential protective equipment. Customers can leave the installation process on experts’ hands. Providers have in-house experts who install these protective features.

Easy Setup with Available Provisions

Setting up IT networks requires a lot of cables installed within the office and hooked to their respective ports. Provisions that come with these containers simplify the setup process. Provisions refer to special spaces set in containers designed for placing electrical wires. Due to their designs, clients can conceal lines through special covers to make sure the storage container will look organized, which is important for any offices.

Compact Workspace that Fit within the Site

Many clients worry that moveable cubicles consume space because of their dimensions. Nevertheless, containers make compact offices that fit in every site. Containers come in a variety of dimensions, which means clients can measure their allotted space and look for container dimensions that will fit. Clients can order several containers to meet their required office dimensions.

A storage container makes a good IT office with its available features and customization options. Many fuel production sites take advantage of containers in setting up their own IT offices without building an office from scratch. Containers are ready to use and to customize upon arriving at the site.

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Storage container that are moveable container is not only a valuable aid in de-cluttering your home but also a life saver.We understand your storage needs and will provide appropriate solutions to meet your particular storage requirements.

Printed Circuit Board Design Reuse 101

Most people consider “reuse” as a process of using things for another purpose. In contrast, it has a different meaning in the field of electrical engineering. Reuse technology pertains to a method of reapplying and storing of electronic circuitry for future use.

Electrical Reuse

Another term for this kind of technology is “logical reuse”. It has two forms which are electrical reuse and physical reuse. When you say electrical reuse, it refers to choosing and reapplying of electrical circuits in a printed circuit board design. On the other hand, physical reuse pertains to choosing and reapplying of the actual PCB layout.

Sadly, both of these formats are not widely used today. The main reason why PCB design engineers choose the traditional way is because of their skepticism about unproven and new technologies. They prefer to utilize traditional methods and do not realize the advantages of using new technology in terms of accuracy and productivity.

Brief History

The reuse technology started between 1990 to 2000. The method used by software vendors was cut and paste. They relied mainly on the reconcilliation process of Enterprise Core Objects (ECO) to deal with inconsistencies brought by the method of cut and paste. However, this new technology introduced some circuitry problems. These problems, as a result, caused hesitation to the majority of people. That time, they realized that this type of methodology was not yet developed enough to become helpful in the printed circuit board designs.

pcbAfter several years, some computer-aided design (CAD) companies decided to experiment with the electrical reuse. They believed that the new technology will improve with the application of better algorithms. Using these algorithms, the capabilities were expanded to consider more data during the generation process. The use of this concept was very timely because most data introduced also this time was part-specific.

Infusion of large component data into printed circuit boards was made possible by using CIS, component information systems. The introduction of this type of system helped many engineers to output additional data. These data were necessary in the reuse building process.

Advantages of PCB Design Reuse
1. Reducing the manpower

Printed circuit board design reuse can reduce the manpower needed to do the task. It can also shorten the design process. Thus, it can help you save up and earn more money.

2. Improving the product quality

It can leverage elements of integrated circuits (IC) or PCB design. It allows the use of pre-validated intellectual properties (IP) and promotes them to a reuse library.

3. Benefiting from the team design

The team design enables simultaneous design of reuse module with the board design. With the printed circuit board design reuse, you do not have to archive and complete the reuse modules to define a circuit.

4. Marketing in shorter time

With the advantages mentioned above, the development of designs becomes faster. The main factor here is the application of already made and proven components to minimize the time needed for the development. Thus, the product can be made available in the market as soon as possible.

5. Increasing your profit

When you use a reuse module, you get to save both cost and time. And when you save time to create the product, the design cycles are shortened and more products are made. Clearly, you can increase your profit and provide competitive pricing.


You have now known the meaning of “reuse technology” which is a method of reapplying and storing of electronic circuitry for future use. This method has several advantages such as reducing the manpower, improving the product quality, benefiting from the team design, marketing in shorter time and increasing your profit.

How can Motivational Speakers Improve their Craft?

Motivational speakers do not stop learning because their audiences do not stop experiencing new problems all the time. They constantly deal with new cultures and new faces that require new approaches.

1.Listen to other motivational speakers

Listening to other speakers will give you the opportunity to learn from their own principles, styles, tones and presentations. The plan is not really to be other speakers, but to copy whatever good qualities you can get. You can even copy their messages if you want. Just do not forget to deliver them in your own style. You should also be able to make your personality stand out despite practically speaking of other people’s core values.

2.Talk with people who experience the real problems

Do you want to learn how to deal with people? Talk to them. There is no best way but to talk to them personally to listen to their woes and learn lessons from their own experiences. Speakers should try to interview some of their subjects and mingle with them to know them better. You will be able to learn a lot if you lend your ears constantly.

3.Read a lot

You need to pick up many stories to make your speech relatable. Most of the time, interviewing real people is not possible, especially when they are time consuming. The next best alternative is to read many inspiring stories from heart-warming novels, magazines, newspapers, and blogs. The social media is also becoming a rich source of inspiring stories, so keep exploring other channels. Many famous motivational speakers, like Zig Ziglar and Mark Victor Hanses, also use the Bible for a lot of their stories, which is an advantage because a lot of people are familiar with Biblical stories.

4.Practice constantly

Practice the delivery of your speech all repeatedly. This will develop your voice as a speaker, such as the diction, inflection, dynamics and tone. It will also develop your breathing to avoid choppiness and airiness, which becomes more distinct when you use a microphone.

Practicing in front of a mirror will also develop your gestures and facial expressions. You will be able to see what looks awkward and what looks off timing. You can also see if your facial expressions look genuine or forced.

5.Join public speaking seminars

SpeakerContinue studying to become a motivational speakers even if you are already one. Even professionals take post-graduate studies to enhance their mastery of their chosen specializations, so why can’t you? You do not have to enroll in regular classes, but take every opportunity to learn from public speaking coaches. Toastmasters is perhaps the most famous international organization that aims to develop the public speaking skills of their members.

Also, join creative and technical writing seminars to improve your speech writing skill.

6.Hand out evaluation sheets to collect feedbacks

After every event, hand out evaluation sheets to your audiences for quick feedback. You can ask them to write down their opinions, but that should be optional. The most convenient way to do it is by giving evaluation sheets that already have choices.

7.Keep your line open for feedbacks

Do you have a website? Encourage visitors to leave feedbacks. Do you have an office? Encourage your followers to send you fan mails and letters. Just encourage people to tell you their opinions, so that you will know how well you really perform as a speaker.

8.Deliver a lot of speech

Motivational speakers learn from experience. Continue giving speeches and facing audiences. You will grow professionally by applying what you learn all the time.

9.Find inspirations

How can you motivate if you yourself are not motivated enough? Find your inspiration because you cannot give what you do not have.

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The motivational speaker provides an inspiring and uplifting program usually built around powerful stories, often personal experiences of the speaker. Most motivational speakers also use humor, but not to the extent that a humorist would.To know more visit motivational-speaker-success.com.

Commemorate a Service with Military Coins

Some things in life are worth remembering. These are the heroic acts, outstanding performances, good works, and faithful services. In the military, the heroic deeds of the soldiers are worthy of recognition. One way to honor and give recognition to what they have done is by giving them military coins.

The Symbol of Military Coins

A military coin is a type of challenge coin that is just like a token for deeds or services that are outstanding and exemplary. Traditionally, the giving of the military coin is practiced in U.S. Armed Forces that includes the Marines, Air Force, Army, Coast Guards, and Navy. In other countries like Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia, the giving and awarding of these coins are observed too.

Military CoinsA military coin also signifies integrity and bravery of some military personnel. It also represents unit identity and brotherhood. There was this documented story about the military coin. The life of an American fighter pilot was saved when he showed his medallion to his French Captors during the World War I. It is important that you bring and keep your military coin wherever you go. You will never know what it will bring to you.

Sources where to Obtain Military Coins

Many manufacturers create and supply military coin, a lot of them are also operating online. Obtaining commemorative coins online is very easy and fast. You just have to log in to the website of the supplier and ask for a free quote. You also have to give the details about your desired designs. These include the artwork, text, and logos. Then the company’s graphics designer will develop a digitally colored image of the coin that will be sent to your email address within 48 hours. All you need to do is approve the design. If you want to make revisions, just notify the graphic designer. Most suppliers and manufacturers offer free unlimited revisions until you are satisfied with the designs of the coins.

Once you approved the artwork and design, you may now choose some coin options. These include the sizes and shapes of the coins. Then fill up their order form, if any. When they received the Order form, they will start making your coins. You will receive your order within 10 to 14 days depending on the number of units that you order. Some manufacturers offer free shipping. Most of the coins of online suppliers and manufacturers are guaranteed with high-quality.

The Basic Processes in Manufacturing Military Coins

The coins are manufactured using the two basic processes namely the zinc alloy castings and the die struck bronze. There are two methods for zinc alloy die casting. These include the cold chamber method and the hot chamber method. In hot chamber method, there is a filling of molten zinc metal alloy into steel dies, and then it is pressurized until the metal hardens. On the other hand, in cold chamber method, the metal is melted into separate chambers. And together with the zinc alloy, they will be injected into the dies.

In die struck bronze, the design of the coins are engraved and struck from steel dies. Then it is stamped in the coin press with a pressure of about 1,000 tons. The coin becomes superior and of high quality. For this reason, coins that are made from die struck bronze are more expensive.

The Cost of Military Coins

The cost of coins depends on the process of how the coins are made and the intricacy of the design. In Asia, the cost of a coin ranges from US $2.50 to U.S. $7.00. In U.S., the die-struck coin pricing ranges from US $2.10 to $12.75. The prices differ depending on the sizes of the coins.

How to Pick a Golf Bag that is Right For You

Golf is one of the most popular games in the world. It is a game where people of different ages and skill can play. That is probably one of the reasons why golf is quite appealing. The goal in playing golf is to put the balls into the holes by hitting them. What makes it challenging is the variation of the courses and distances that the golf ball must travel before making it to hole. Of course, it would greatly depend also on the level or the way a players hits the ball with a golf club.

Golf is also a game with many rules and guidelines. One must understand them well to fully maximize one’s capacity of playing the game. They may seem simple at first but they become complicated as the game goes by. A player may encounter a lot of difficult situations, such as when the balls get lost or have been placed in areas virtually impossible to play on. Aside from rules, there is also what you call as the golf etiquette. This etiquette must always be followed to maintain the enjoyment of the game.

Before you can actually start playing golf, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary equipment. These are the following: ball, club, ball markers, teas, golf bag, golf cart, towels, club head covers, ball mark repair tool, and other aids. Of course, you also need to prepare appropriate gear and clothing such as gloves and shoes.

Golf bagGolf bags are among the equipment that most players deem necessary. A good quality and useful golf bag is a way of ensuring that all of the other tools for their play are well stored. So, don’t be surprised that some really take time choosing among such bags.If you haven’t purchased on yet, you might want to look at the types of golfing bags that are available on the market. Later on, some tips are to be provided to serve as reminders of what you should look for when buying these must-haves.

Types of Golf Bags
1. Staff Bags

Staff bags are normally seen carried by professionals especially when on tour. Because they are often used by pros, these bags usually have brand names and logos displayed on them for the sake of promotion and advertisement. These bags are spacious and heavy. Because a staff bag is heavy, you might need a hand cart to push it or you could just put it on your riding cart. Even with that downside though, a staff bag is usually impressive as it’s made of high quality materials, has nice aesthetics, and offers plentiful storage space.

2. Cart Bags

Compared to staff bags, cart bags are lighter. But the thing about cart bags is that they are designed to be carried on a golf riding cart or a push cart. This is very useful if you are planning to walk the course with a cart. However, it is not a good option if you really plan to walk and carry your bag throughout the entire golf course. Here’s something interesting about cart bags –all their pockets are entirely accessible even when tied to the cart. Another feature of this type of bag is that it has a non-slip base that keeps it from sliding off your cart.

3. Stand Bags

Stand bags are bags with two retractable legs. That means that you can put them upright; in other words, these legs allow them to stand. This is very useful when you plan to walk the golf course and do not need a push cart in doing so. The previous bags are designed to be put on a flat surface. On the other hand, stand bags are suitable for slanted and/or uneven surfaces. Stand bags also often come with a strap so that you can use them as a backpack. These bags are also lightweight,at an average of 5.5 pounds. Stand bags can also be used with a golf cart but extra care is needed for it can damage the retractable legs when placed the wrong way.

4. Carry bags

Carry bags are specifically designed to be carried around as golfers walk through the golf course. Because of this, these bags are the lightest among all types. Carry bags are also made using lesser amounts of materials and have rather simplistic designs, hence explaining their minimal weight. They also come withfewer pockets than the other bags mentioned in this article. So, carry bags essentially force a golfer to bring only the essentials. It is considered to be very useful while being so golf-friendly.

5. Travel bags and covers

These are typically not golf bags but they are designed to protect you bags and the equipment inside whenever you are travelling from one place to another. Typical features of travel covers for golf bags include a padded top to protect clubs in transit, wheels for easy mobility, soft yet sturdy handles for easier transport, and a couple of external pockets for additional storage.

Tips on Choosing a Golf Bag

Now that you’re quite knowledgeable about the different types of bags, it’s about time that you learn about the things that separate the superb from the subpar.

•Quality Stand

•Easy Carry Strap System

•Relatively Light

•Easy Storage – Fits in Any Car Trunk

•Supports Full Length Club Dividers

•Separate Putter Access

•Easy Access to Pockets

•Easy Grip Zipper Pulls

•Easy Lift Handles -Top and Bottom

•Cart Friendly Bottom

•Matching Rain Hood

•Easy Grip Zipper Pulls

•Fair Price

The type and the quality of the golf bags are especially important, but what’s more significant is the way you treat your equipment. Proper care for your golf bag is essential in order for it to have a last long.

A Tradition of Patches

Patchesare among the richest traditions in America, encompassing different fields in society such as companies, schools, sports leagues and civic organizations like the police and fire departments. These are used for embellishments and even awards. They can also be found on bags, leather and denim. They have also become in their own right, collectibles and memorabilia.

Patches, in the past, were painstakingly hand-crafted: hand-stitched and embroidered, each detail was a delicate handiwork of artisan quality. This was one of the foremost reasons why they became prized collectors’ items. Another reason for their collectability is the fact that they have sentimental values attached to them. For instance, Those used by boy scouts and girl scouts are considered cherishedpossessions especially since earning them is such hard work. Remember all those tasks you need to complete before getting one?

PatchesOthers with sentimental value are those that belonged to American soldiers who sent them back to their loved ones back home—thus becoming symbols of love and longing for the people they left behind. And then of course, there are those which were gathered from various trips and vacations, otherwise known as souvenirs which are collected like one would collect photos from each place visited.

Nowadays, these things are becoming more and more customized and through the help of technology—they have become easier to design and reproduce. Unlike before, when they were hand-sewn and hand-embroidered, they were really expensive. But since the invention of embroidery machines in the 1800s, and of course the development of computer-controlled machines in the 21st Century, the embroidered ones have become more affordable. Furthermore, custom ones can now even be ironed on aside from the usual attachment options of the past. This is how fast they have evolved.

Digitized embroidery allows customers to customize designs as much as they want from the simplest to the most intricate.Companies offering these abound and they give you the lowest prices coupled with quality work, thus allowing you to spend less and get more.This makes the task of choosing and ordering faster, affordable and more hassle-free.

Companies of this kind kid you not when they say “custom”. You as the client are really in charge of everything: design, size, shape, color and backing type—they are all for you to decide:


Send the company your design as a reference for their artists. From vectored artwork to pen sketches, the companies can take it and work with it. If you don’t have any idea yet, however, and you want to start your design from scratch, that is no problem. Talented graphic artists work for these companies and they would be glad to assist you in putting your ideas into a design that will suit your needs and preferences.

Shape and size

Your order can take any shape and size you want. Simply specify the length and width you prefer.


The twill and thread colors are also important in bringing your design to life that is why choosing carefully the right color for these elements of your patch is a must. The twill is the background and the thread is sewn into the twill to form your design. Again, the company artists will be very willing to assist you in making the right decisions for the thread and twill colors.

Backing type

In the past, patches were simply sewn on but nowadays, clients can choose from a wide array of options. A can still be sewn on the traditional way but you may also have it in Velcro, taped, button looped, or ironed on. Velcro and button looped is a great choice if you want a patch that is easily removed and reapplied. Velcro and button looped are considered as the most durable since they can be removed when not in use. If you are after a short term application, you may opt for a taped backing—it’s as simple as peel and stick. The most popular backing option at present is ironed on backing since it is the most convenient and the most secure.

Border type

Borders may also be customized according to client’s choice: hot cut (this allows highly-detailed edges because they are laser cut), merrowed border (this is the standard or classic since it is simply a border of thread stitched in a wraparound appearance), metallic (highly recommended as accents but should be used sparingly because it may be too flashy) and neon (brightness of the threads will make the patch pop out from its background thus making the patch an instant attention grabber).

Ordering your very own customized patch is easy as one, two, three these days—all thanks to these online companies which will cater to you in the best way possible. First you submit a quote and a design to the company, then this will be reviewed: the design will be proofed and priced. The price will be determined by the size of the patch as well as the amount of the embroidery. After that, the company will contact you and have you check the final look of the patch. Once approved, everything will be taken care of by the company of your choice at that point on. All that is left for you to do is wait. And there’s no need to fret about shipping fees because many of these patch companies offer free shipping.

Custom patches are a great way for you and your organization to establish identity and pride. Get your patch the easy and fun way – order online now.

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Custom patches are a fantastic way to advertise your business, promote your charity organization, show your team spirit, and more!We offer lots of different patch styles and backing options.We’re proud to offer the finest patches for the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere.

How to Make Your Own Lanyard

Bondoggle or Scoubidou is the art of making lanyards. Several long strands of rope, cord, or other similar materials are used in this well-loved craft. By making different knots, shapes and forms, lanyards can be created with the strands.

lanyardsIn 1935, New York Times used the term Bondoggle to report that $3 million dollars were spent on recreational crafts classes. The tools that were created during these classes were made of leather or cloth and named the production as “boon doggles”.

Lanyards are always useful for securing your gadgets and now, you can make one for yourself or give it as a gift. Don’t worry if you’re just a beginner. You can start with the easy, step-by-step guide of making the crown sinnet lanyard. First, prepare these materials:

1. Cord,gimp,orcraftlace
2. Measuringtapeorruler
3. Scissors
4. Lanyardhook
5.  Lighter

The Step-By-Step Guide

1. Cut two lengths of cord or craft lace about 1 meter each. This should yield around 7.6 centimeters. However, you can always choose to cut a longer length if you desire a thicker or longer lanyard. Beginners should always use two colors for the two lengths.

2. Stretch the cords, fold it in half, and find the center. The ends should be even to make sure that it truly is the cord’s midsection.

3. Imitate the cross sign by placing the two centers of the cord over each other. If you need to use the lanyard as a key holder, slip the clip into the end of the bottom cord and slowly pull it towards the center. You can adjust the position later if it’s not exactly in the middle.

4. Fold two loops using the bottom cord. Use one finger or a heavy but small object to hold the center down so it wouldn’t move while you finish the first stitch. Use your free hand to grab the bottom cord’s end. Create a large loop by holding the bottom end over the center. Make another large loop by grabbing the other bottom end. Make sure that the ends loop over the finger in the center and that they are not overlapping.

5. Draw the end of the top cord towards the center.

6. Use the second loop to pull the end of the top cord. This can simply be done by placing it on top of the first loop. By now, both ends of your top cords are facing the same direction.

7. Grab the untouched end of the other top cord. This cord should be the only one left that’s not part of the loop.

8. Use your second loop and pull the top cord through it. Just place it on top of the first loop that you will meet. The loop that the second cord just went through is the same loop your first cord was placed on top of.

9. Remove the finger that’s holding down the center and put it on the first stitch’s top. Steady the middle and tighten your stitch.

10. Use your free hand to tug all the ends of your cords and tighten your stitch. You can repeat the process until all the stitches are tight. Secure your clip or hook in place by turning the stitch over. The clip should be directly above the series of stitches you just created. The stitches may look like a woven box. Tighten the stitches again when you have adjusted the clip.

11. Start making another knot. Prepare two non-crossing loops. The end of the first cord should go through the second loop and over the first loop. Repeat the process with the end of the second cord. Tug down the ends to tighten it.

12. Repeat all the knots until your cord runs out.

13. Finish the lanyard. If you are using lace, just cut and burn the ends to close it. If you are using a gimp, finish the stitch, tighten it and trim the strands.

Always keep the tension of the stitches tight for a tidy, crisp look. Once all the stitches are done, your lanyard will remain durable. You can put the lanyard in hot water to strengthen it even more.

Now, you have your own customized lanyard. Still, if you need lanyards in large quantities, it’d be better to get in touch with companies that manufacture them.

Plants Need Some Misting, Too!

Misting fans are popularly used to cool certain areas at home such as patios and backyards or provide crisp air and good ventilation at outdoor events. These evaporative cooling systems prove to be of much benefit to people who live in hot, dry areas, or when summertime and dry spells come their way. However, humans are not the only ones that could find these coolers valuable and advantageous. In fact, plants also need the occasional mist for better growth and produce. This is why evaporative coolers are being usedin greenhouses.

Overview of Greenhouses

fanGreenhouses are enclosed structures designed to trap absorbed heat for stimulated plant growth. They are specifically engineered to allow for maximum control of certain factors such as temperature, ventilation, sunlight, irrigation, fertilizer application, humidity, and lots more. When all these are effectively managed, it would lead to high quality produce and would sell well on the market, which is the aim of the greenhouse owner. This is why greenhouse-keepers make it a point to regularly check if all crops are growing at optimal conditions. However, greenhouse-keepers commonly find it hard to deal with the problem of low humidity.

Plants and Humidity

Humidity is an important abiotic factor that determines which flora is able to thrive in the environment. Excessive or insufficient humidity proves to be very detrimental to plants in a greenhouse. For one, dry air causes plants to lose moisture faster than its roots can supply. This leads to poor hydration that kills plant cells, making the plant look tired and dry. In such cases, evaporative cooling systems are needed to influence the atmosphere’s humidity level.

The Use of Misting Fans in Greenhouses

green-house-fanMisting fans are commonly placed inside greenhouses to keep the humidity of the building at an optimum level. As one of the key factors of plant growth, humidity must essentially be well-maintained. These systems work similarly as a humidifier and make use of evaporative cooling. The fans expel a fine mist of water vapor which evaporates upon contact with the surrounding hot air. With this, the water vapor absorbs excess heat and thus leads to reduced temperature and increased moisture levels. At extremely high pressures of over 1000psi, the evaporative coolers may generate an effect oftentimes called “flash cooling” or “flash evaporation”. This happens when, due to the high pressure, the extremely fine mist sprayed evaporates almost instantly that it can be barely felt or seen. Such high pressure fan systems are ideal for large areas like greenhouses.

Additionally, misting fans do not only provide the necessary humidity plants are in dire need of, they also create movement of air inside the otherwise stagnant environment. Getting the right levels of temperature and humidity is practically useless when they don’t quite affect the entirety of the plantation. Air flow makes this possible. Air flow is possibly the most underrated and overlooked environmental factor in tending for crops. Good air circulation does not only provide a cool and fresh environment for the plants, it can also mean the difference between favorable rates of photosynthesis and totally nonexistent activity. It is that important. Good thing, evaporative coolers coupled with fans are available so mist and air is spread to the whole of the greenhouse.

fansGreenhouse keepers are strongly advised to put up evaporative cooling system units inside their complexes so as to be able to effectively maintain positive and favorable growth for all kinds of crops that they grow. Misting fans are very beneficial to the overall health of plants cooped up inside greenhouses in keeping airflow and humidity levels at excellent levels. Besides, the plants won’t be the only ones to benefit from the coolers. Workers will also have a far more enjoyable stay inside the glasshouse with the effect of misting systems.

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