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Today You Can Get One of the Best Vaporizers for 30% Off

Our pick for the best budget vape is on sale for less than $50 today at G Pen.

G Pen

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As cannabis use has become more acceptable over the past decade, the number of ways to ingest it has multiplied. One of the most popular? Vaporizing. Not only is it purported to be easier on the lungs, but it converts more of the available THC off of your flower into vapor. More bang for your buck. The downside, of course, is that a quality vape is not as cheap as rolling papers and a Bic lighter. However, our pick for the best budget vape is on sale today, making it an even better deal. G Pen has knocked the price on its highly-rated G Pen Dash down to just $49 for the holidays.

G Pen Dash Vaporizer

If the Dash isn't for you, you can get the G Pen Elite at a discount along with deals on a ton of other G Pen accessories and gear throughout the next two weeks.


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