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The 15 Best Sofas and Couches For Every Budget and Style

Mid-century modern, contemporary and plenty of the classics, this list is your personal lookbook to the most important piece of furniture that’s not your bed.

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Chandler Bondurant

The couch is the centerpiece of a home. It’s a place you, guests and roommates are naturally drawn. Thus, a good couch pulls double duty: not only does it have to be comfortable, but it also has to look good. There are so many options when it comes to sofas whether it's the fabric, style or size. Luckily, shopping for a new sofa is easier than ever. Instead of having to go in stores to buy a sofa, you can easily shop online for one that meets all of your needs. So whether you’re balling on a budget or not, these are the best sofas and couches to squeeze through the front door.

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Best Overall Sofa
Burrow Nomad Sofa

Burrow offers the best combination of all possible features in a couch or sofa that’s not wildly expensive. It’s sturdy, comfortable, customizable, modular and ships within a week of ordering. On top of that, its upholstery fabric is remarkably stain-resistant, there’s a charging cable built into it and its quietly mid-century aesthetic is pretty easy to fold into most living situations. It does all of this and keeps the price for a full-size, fully customized sofa just over $1,000.

Best Splurge Sofa
Benchmade Catwalk Sofa

Benchmade combines a massive array customization options with sound build quality and, critically, relatively quick delivery. Where most made-to-order sofas take anywhere from 4 to 10 weeks to deliver, BenchMade Modern's typically ship within a week of ordering. The Catwalk sofa features generous cushion size and slim, airy legs. This combo makes for a cozy couch that doesn't cramp your style.

Best Budget Sofa
Ikea Finnala Sofa

One of Ikea’s many budget-minded sofa offerings, Finnala’s strength is modularity and the use of a cotton-poly blend rather than straight poly, like the more popular Vimle.

Best Made-in-USA Sofa
Floyd The Sofa

Well-made, no-nonsense furniture that ships easily and looks just a touch different to everything else out there — that’s the quickest way to describe Floyd’s value proposition. Its sofa breaks down into a pile of very packable pieces. As such, it’s probably the most shipping friendly unit on the market. Thanks to a bench frame and armrests that double as pillows, it’s very much its own thing.

Best Affordable Modern Sofa
Zinus Sunny Modern Sofa

Though Zinus is best known for its ultra-cheap mattresses, the company makes ultra-cheap sofas, too. The wood-frame Sunny Modern Sofa features tufted foam cushions, a 100-day trial period, free shipping (all in one box!) and a soft hit on the wallet. In short, it’s a nice first couch, and the perfect stand-in until you arrive at greener pastures.

Best Mid-Century Sofa
AllModern Remy Sofa

Very, very cheap furniture that looks decent and ships fast is Wayfair’s (the company at the wheel of AllModern) calling card. This sofa features a C-shaped body with a seat that seems to float on its own. Get this for its retro look and stay for the comfy seating.

Best Modern Sofa
Blu Dot Mono Sofa
Blu Dot

Midwestern, modern, original furniture for prices that are not completely eye-watering. That is a special combination of attributes, and Blu Dot’s Mono sofa is possibly the sneakiest value the brand offers. For under two grand, you get a maple hardwood frame, down- and feather-filled cushions and pillows and, as always, a very pleasing shape.

Best Modular Sofa
Coddle Node Sofa

Most direct-to-consumer furniture brands opt for generic sofa designs that appeal to as many people as possible, hence the wealth of mid-century modern, boho and “traditional” sofas on this list and in showrooms. Coddle’s sofa is chunky and cozy-looking while maintaining a clean shape, making it something of an outlier in a very crowded category. Like other DTC brands, though, it comes with features like modularity, USB plugs built-in and stain-fighting fabric.

Best Leather Sofa
West Elm Urban Sofa
West Elm

The hefty Urban sofa from West Elm is as family-friendly of a couch as you can get. The plush top-grain leather cushions and solid pine hardwood frame can withstand your kids’ wrestling matches and days-long The Wire binges alike. Plus, any spills can be wiped away somewhat with ease.

Best Faux Leather Sofa
George Oliver Bridgeview Sofa

This is a luxurious sofa without a luxury sofa price tag. The faux leather makes this great for vegans (and those on a budget), plus it just looks really good. Subtle touches like hand-stitched corded edges and a tufted seat make us wonder why this isn't double the price — oh wait, it's because it's Wayfair.

Best Sleeper Sofa
Urban Outfitters Winslow Armless Sleeper Sofa
Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters

Shoppers are sleeping on Urban Outfitters’ furniture. Take the Winslow, for example, with its armless design and dual function. The seating is plush, providing optimal cushioning for a sofa and offers enough support for a few nights sleeping on the couch.

Best Affordable Sleeper Sofa
Novogratz Collection Brittany Futon
Bed Bath & Beyond

This ridiculously cheap sofa probably won't last a lifetime, but it's the perfect stand-in until you get to upgrade. Oh, and what's that? It converts into a bed? For under $300, this thing is a no-brainer.

Best Sectional
Allform Sectional

If you’re buying a non-modular sectional, then you’re furniture shopping wrong. Add seating if your household grows or change the orientation to conform to new living environments. Allform’s sofas are clean, classic and look similar to another recognizable direct-to-consumer brand.

Best Affordable Sectional
Casa Andrea Milano Velvet Sectional

If affordability, size and a more contemporary aesthetics are priorities, this extremely affordable three-seated with chaise is worth considering. Cushioned armrests, color options and 101 inches of napping space for under $500 isn't a bad deal.

Best Customizable Sectional
Sabai The Essential Sectional

Sabai’s sectional, and its products in general, offers modern styles and sound construction at DTC prices. The chaise can be placed on either side of the sofa, so you can sleep perpendicular to whoever you want on whatever side you choose. It’s not the biggest sectional, but it’ll slot into the corner of small apartments nicely.

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