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The Best New Knives and EDC of March 2021

A pocket-friendly folder, a classic in carbon fiber, a face mask you'll never forget and more.

gerber doubledown, vero engineering fulcrum, matador keychain mask

Spring officially starts later this month when the sun hovers directly above the equator on March 20th. A week before that, we'll all get an extra hour of sunlight at the end of the day when daylight saving time starts. Gear makers are already pulling fresh batches of summer gear out of their ovens, and we even got a sneak peek at 20 things coming out next fall. Add to those wish lists: four new knives, a unique multi-tool and a face mask that goes everywhere.

Kershaw Turismo

kershaw turismo

With all the small knives in production these days, the Turismo is mightier than it lets on. It has a 2.9-inch blade made of D2 steel and a curved handle that's also made of steel, though with a black satin finish. Adding to its sleek and stealthy appearance is a flipper tab that remains recessed when the blade is out.

Price: $72 $44


Benchmade Bugout Carbon Fiber

benchmade bugout carbon fiber

When Benchmade sought to upgrade one of its most beloved EDC pocket knives, the Bugout, it turned to carbon fiber. The knife was already a paragon of ultralight utility, but now that's truer than ever, thanks to a milled carbon-fiber handle. The Bugout 535-3 weighs just over two ounces but still maintains a 3.24-inch S90V super-steel blade that deploys with a slick lever-style AXIS lock.

Price: $300 $255


Matador Keychain Mask

matador keychain mask

The best face mask is no good at all if you forget it at home. Matador's solution goes everywhere you do, thanks to flash drive-sized solution that's at home with your keys. The polyester-Spandex face mask is soft and comfortable with adjustable ear loops, and it's easy to get in and out of its little silicone case. It's not ideal for everyday use but perfect in those inevitable forgotten mask pinches.

Price: $15


Forloh Blackfoot Blade

forloh blackfoot blade

Hunting knives don't always pique our EDC-oriented interest, but the recent collab between the hunting apparel maker Forloh and Montana Knife Company has us reaching for camo and orange. The Blackfoot comes with a 3.5-inch high-carbon steel for easy upkeep and a trusty G10 handle that ups the visual appeal with its undulating color variations. Everything down to the included Kydex sheath is made in the United States.

Price: $300


Vero Engineering Fulcrum

vero engineering fulcrum

Multi-tools come in many shapes, but perhaps none are as pleasingly simple as Vero Engineering's Fulcrum. It takes the form of a pry tool but includes a cavity for storing screwdriver bits — secured tastefully with rubber bands — that slot into its blunt end when any screws need twisting. It comes with or without a pocket clip too.

Price: $100


Gerber Doubledown

gerber doubledown

Survival-oriented outdoor tasks usually require cutting and chopping tools of equal stature — typically, hatchets and machetes. Gerber doesn't deny this, but it does argue that clever design can make these implements easier to heft around on the trail. Enter the Doubledown: it's a bushcrafting knife with a broad 6.75-inch blade, but its edge is in its handle. The two pieces it consists of pivot to make a protective sheath, which also reduces its packed size by half.

Price: $129


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