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Gateway Jewelry: 18 Bracelets for Men

Bracelets are easy to acclimate to, especially for first-time jewelry wearers.

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Are you just now getting into jewelry? I understand. Big clunky necklaces or bracelets can be a bit cumbersome, especially if you're active or work with your hands. Rings can be annoying, and they're risky — meaning if they're not sized specifically for you they could totally slip off. Earrings are another conversation entirely. Tabooed by champions of extreme masculinity, they've been removed from most men's rotation for years now (save for a select few pop stars, rock-and-rollers and aging actors).

You shouldn't be afraid to try any of options these, though. Like I said before, it's best to invest in a bracelet you can wear all of the time — with casual looks and formal attire just the same. You’ll feel less insecure about your accessories this way. The more a part of your style your bracelet becomes, the less likely you are to be shaken by someone double-taking at your dangly accessory.

Here are 18 bracelets you can easily incorporate into your outfits — from natural woven ones to the sparkly silver things.

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Square Box Chain Bracelet

Mejuri started making men's jewelry just a few years ago. They've been a go-to for women since 2013.

Gold Rope Bracelet
Hatton Labs

Start simple, but don't skimp. Hatton Labs' $140 dollar Gold Rope Bracelet is the perfect balance.

Caravan 14-Karat Gold Multi-Stone Bracelet
Peyote Bird

Make a statement! Put on Peyote Bird's Multi-Stone Bracelet, which looks homemade but boasts craftsman-level quality construction.

Darwin Silver-Tone ID Bracelet

You know the look. The bulky ID bracelet's been around forever, but APC refined it.

Gold Price Tag Bracelet
In Gold We Trust

That tag too big? In Gold We Trust goes smaller across the board, shrinking the tag and the chain itself.

Pearl Bracelet
Hatton Labs

Pearls are super in. From celebs and singers to athletes and models, they've graced the necks of a ton of stylish people over the past year. A pearl bracelet is more subtle but still polished.

Single Trice Bracelet

This Miansai bracelet only has two parts, the stacked leather band and the silver hook closure.

Radial Cuff
Radial Cuff

Craighill's entry-level Radial Cuff is made from precision-machined brass for a clean, kind of perfect look.

Hook Wrap Bracelet
Shaun Leane

Shaun Leane's spin on the hook wrap bracelet mixes thin strips of leather and an oversized fish hook-looking system.

Plait Cuff
Studebaker Metals

Forged in the US from sterling silver, small metal smithing shop Studebaker Metals' Plait Cuff fits like a standard bracelet but has added interest from the braided twist.

Double Beaded Bracelet

Mikia's beaded bracelet is playful yet super sophisticated, courtesy of the fine hardware and the luxe colors.

Beaded Bracelet

Big on beads? CompletedWorks' version grows from pea-sized to marble-sized over the length of the bracelet, creating a kind of optical illusion once on.

Silver Chain Bracelet
LHN Jewelry

Another simple option, LHN's collab with Knickerbocker resulted in a silver chain bracelet with another classic hook closure clasp. 

Fresia Floral Pearl Bracelet

Perhaps best saved for summer, or maybe as a jolt of sunshine in the winter months, Eliou's Floral Pearl Bracelet alternates tiny flowers and freshwater pearls for a fun, lighthearted look.

Braided Horsehair Bracelet

Made with braided horsehair, Chamula's neutral bracelet pairs well with everything. And it'll age nicely with wear for as long as it lasts (which, of course, isn't as long as metal).

X Nude Bracelet

Made from sterling silver with gold-plating, Elhanati's X Nude Bracelet is simple, hence the name. But its closure, an oversized baton with an asymmetrical circle loop, adds uniqueness. 

Shirin Bracelet
Son of a Sailor

Comprising beads strung onto a leather cord, the Shirin Bracelet pays homage to Iranian Nobel Peace Prize winner, Shirin Ebadi.

Tosco Rope Bracelet
Nick Fouquet

Hat maker Nick Fouquet approached jewelry through his unique lens, resulting in a bracelet twisted together from two types of rope, hammered charms and gold-plated accents. 

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