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Save Up to $150 on Theragun Massage Tools This Holiday Season

From percussive massagers to vibrating rollers, even elite athletes trust in Therabody's recovery products.


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To work hard and play hard, you'll need to recover hard, too. While having sore muscles after a killer workout can be a sign that you put in some serious work, it can be a challenge to get back in the gym after (or do anything, for that matter) if you don’t allow your muscles to recover properly. One of the most efficient ways to recover is percussion therapy.

Therabody’s initial mission was to change the way people move and help them feel better, and in five short years, the company has grown to create an entirely new category of wellness tech with unrivaled performance massage guns, vibrating foams rollers, and CBD lotions. Right now (and for a limited time), the brand is celebrating the holiday season by offering savings of up to $150 across a huge number of the brand's offerings.

Theragun PRO Percussive Massager
Therabody therabody.com

The deals include top-tier offerings like the athlete-trusted Theragun Pro with its 300-minute battery, smart app integration, relatively quiet onboard motor, rotating head and so much more. If you don't need a percussive massager at all, the brand still has plenty of other offerings, like their lineup of vibrating foam rollers, of which the Wave Roller is one of our favorites. Therabody has even made a suite of attachments, skins, stands, battery packs and so much more to pair with your device of choice.

If you've ever thought of cheapening out on a no-name alternative massage gun, trust us, you won't get the professional-grade treatment, advanced ergonomics, and seamless technology like you do with Theragun by Therabody. They're leaders in the space for a reason.


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