Whether you're shopping for someone special on your list or just treating yourself this year, a sparkly piece of jewelry is always a show stopper. Lightbox Jewelry makes lab-grown diamonds that are the perfect way to give a special gift without spending a fortune. The brand uses a patented diamond synthesis technology that allows its scientists to grow diamonds in a lab. The resulting stones share the same chemical makeup as natural diamonds and are identical to the naked eye.

With a variety of styles, sizes and colors, lab-grown diamonds are a gift that's sure to be a favorite. First time buying a lab-grown diamond? Don't worry, Lightbox Jewelry has everything you need to know about shopping for these special accessories below.

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Do Your Research

Like natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds can also vary vastly in quality – but unlike their natural counterpart, higher quality and high carat lab-grown diamonds aren’t rare, they’ve just been grown to higher standards. Lightbox Jewelry's linear pricing model makes this super easy to understand. Its lab-grown diamonds are always the same high quality (VS clarity, near colorless in white stones, and with a "very good" cut) but the standardized pricing of $800 a carat means that with larger stones, you’re just paying for more material, not for a rarity that isn’t there.

Experiment with Color

One of the cool things about lab-grown diamonds is that they can also be grown in different colors – like Lightbox Jewelry’s signature pink and blue. Although you may have come across colored gems in the past, these colored lab-grown diamonds are unlike anything you’ve seen before — each has the wow of a traditional diamond's sparkle but with a color that would be extremely expensive and extremely rare if it was a natural diamond.

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Go Big (and Take Advantage of Online Shopping)

The lower price point of lab-grown diamonds means you might also be able to buy a larger stone than you’d previously have thought. Combined with the risk-free perks of online shopping, you can ditch the pressurized jewelry store experience as well and see the sparkle for yourself in the comfort of your own home. Plus, with free and extended returns if you change your mind, you can't go wrong.