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The Best Bed Frames to Get the Best Sleep of Your Life

You'll never go to bed angry knowing you're sleeping on one of the best bed frames on the market.

casper the platform bed frame

To all the people who sleep with their mattress on the floor: Why? After you spent all that time searching for the perfect mattress, you're going to want to pair it with a bed that complements it and your bedroom's design. Bed frames can come in at a hefty, hefty price point. Plus, bed frames come with the added struggle of having to schlep it into your home and setting it up, so you don't want to buy a cheap one that'll conk out or, heaven forbid, fall out from under you while you're asleep. We found the 10 best bed frames for practically every person.

The Best Bed Frames of 2022

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Best Overall Bed Frame
West Elm Emmett Bed Frame
West Elm

West Elm is full of modern and attractive bed frames, and its Emmett is one of the most crowd-pleasing options. The entire design is customizable from the type of headboard to the fabric and the legs. The silhouette also comes with optional under-bed storage, and you can opt for white glove delivery to have the bed assembled for you.

  • Customizable to the nth degree
  • Well-made and built to last
  • Box spring optional

  • Expensive delivery
Best Splurge Bed Frame
Thuma The Bed

When you put together a Thuma bed, it'll feel like you're playing Tetris. The easy-to-assemble bed uses interlocking joints to stay put, and they're secure so it won't come out of place until you want them to, which adds to another huge selling point for the bed: It's practically made for people who are constantly moving.   

  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Attractive

  • Headboard doesn't attach to the bed frame
  • Construction makes it hard to move the frame without accidentally disassembling part of the bed
Best Budget Bed Frame
Zinus Suzanne Platform Bed Frame

Zinus makes a whole bunch of furniture that's affordable and easy to put together. In a way, it's like an online-only Ikea, minus the Swedish product names. Its Suzanne platform bed frame has nearly 10,000 reviews on Amazon, with a majority of five-star ratings. The added headboard is a nice touch, and the whole thing is made of solid pine wood and steel. It ships in a single 90-pound box, so no need to hire a team of weightlifters to get it inside your home.

  • Super affordable
  • Easy delivery
  • Comes with a headboard
Best Modular Bed Frame
Floyd The Bed Frame

Want a headboard? You got it. Under-bed storage? It's available. Suddenly decide you need to upgrade from a twin mattress to a king? The Floyd bed frame can do all of this thanks to its modularity. You can assemble the bed frame without any tools, and it's just as easy to disassemble if you're constantly moving. Besides its modular design, the Floyd bed frame just looks really, really nice. 

  • Can expand the bed frame to suit larger mattresses
  • Optional under-bed storage
  • Optional headboard

  • Super low profile makes this a terror for ankles and shins
Best Upholstered Bed Frame
Wade Logan Mullican Platform Bed

Available at Wayfair, this upholstered platform bed feels like a steal. It's cheap and attractive, and it ships in just one box. Assembling the thing is about as easy as putting together something from Ikea (so expect just a tad bit of nuisance), but it's an otherwise excellent upholstered bed frame, especially for the price.

  • Affordable and still fairly high quality
  • Suitable for all mattress types

  • Might require some assistance to assemble
Best Platform Bed Frame
Casper The Platform Bed Frame

Casper's mattresses made it famous, but it's since entered almost every aspect of the bedroom. Its platform bed is a simple, well-made piece of furniture with zero flair or added details, and we think that's what makes this such a great bed frame.

  • Easy assembly
  • Optional headboard

  • Could be too plain for some
Best Wooden Bed Frame
CB2 Dondra Teak Bed

If you're going to buy an all-wood bed frame, make sure the wood is of the highest quality. The CB2 Dondra bed is made of sustainably sourced wood from the teak used in the headboard to the mango wood used in the base. The wood reflects its individuality through its unique composition of knots, tones and splits, and it makes it a beautiful piece of furniture besides a functional one.

  • Made of sustainably sourced wood
  • Clean, simple look

  • Can be creaky
Best Adjustable Bed Frame
Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame

An adjustable bed frame for under $1,000 may seem too good to be true or you might think it lacks the features of pricier models. Nectar's adjustable bed frame packs a lot of good in a budget-friendly bed frame. According to the website, the bed frame has the fastest set-up in the industry, and it can be programmed to remember your favorite sleep position. The bed even has a built-in massager that divides your body into three sections, each receiving a 15-minute massage. 

  • Regular sales make this an affordable bed frame
  • Has two USB ports on either side
  • Built-in massager

  • Reviewers complain about an iffy massage that can also be a bit loud
Best Metal Bed Frame
Layla Metal Platform Base

For those just looking to keep their mattress off the floor, consider a metal bed frame. Layla's is affordable and easy to set up, and thanks to its ingenious design, it can support up to 1,200 pounds. The frame itself is lightweight, while the ability to fold the frame makes it efficient to bring this from home to home if you're moving often.

  • Affordable
  • Folds away
  • Supports up to 1,200 pounds

  • Not for the design-conscious
Best Bed Frame With Storage
Ikea Malm

Ikea has a lot of beds, and its Malm collection of bedroom furniture is probably its most minimalistic. With the Malm bed, you get a fairly well-made piece of furniture at a very wallet-friendly price point. The under-bed storage provides ample space, and if you don't the storage, you can forego it and save a nice chunk of money. 

  • Ikea affordability and simplicity
  • Under-bed storage is optional

  • A pain to assemble
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