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The 14 Best Rolling Papers for Better Joints

From cheap to premium and everything in between, these rolling papers make getting high even better.

best rolling papers

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In an age where there is plenty of cannabis tech on the market, joints remain one of the cheapest ways to get stoned, with papers averaging less than $5 dollars per pack. Even high quality papers can be acquired on the cheap. Some, however, are better than others. Here are the best, and what you should know before picking the best rolling papers for you.

What to Look for in Rolling Papers

Material Matters: Papers are usually made out of hemp, wood pulp or rice. Each material has different benefits. For example, stay clear of rice rolling paper if you live in the Pacific Northwest, as the damp air and moisture can make them harder to roll. Hemp papers are thicker and easier to roll and have a medium burn time, while rice paper burns the slowest.

Thinner is a Winner: Thinner papers allow for a slower, more even burn, meaning you’re less likely to experience canoeing when toking. Plus, thinner paper allows for your flower’s flavor to shine, since you won’t be inhaling as much paper smoke. See if your favorite brands have an ultra-thin option, but buyer beware: they are more difficult to roll than a hemp option.

Grab A Crutch: While you’re out snagging papers, grab a pack of crutches as well. Crutches give the joint some stability (both when rolling and when you’re passing it around) and are easy to create.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ball Out: With the narrow price margin between low- and high-quality papers, sometimes it’s worth shelling out the extra dollar. Low-grade paper can lead to coughing fits, will be harder to roll and will burn faster, which is important if you don’t want to waste your good ganja.

Buy From a Licensed Seller: Much like designer clothes, there’s a huge market for counterfeit papers on DHGate, Wish and Ebay. Counterfeit papers are more likely to contain additives that aren’t healthy for your lungs. Additionally, they’re simply not as good as the real thing. Head to the brand’s official website for licensed resellers.

The Best Rolling Papers of 2021

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Best Overall Rolling Papers

Vibes rolling papers are the latest from the mind of Berner, Bay Area rapper and CEO of cannabis company Cookies (If you’ve ever smoked the strain Girl Scout Cookies, you have Berner to thank). These papers are made for stoners by someone who is an absolute expert on weed. The company sells hemp, rice and ultra thin rolling papers in the standard 1 ¼ size and in King slim, making Vibes a one-stop rolling paper stop. 

The papers are cultivated in France and cut and kitted in the Dominican Republic to make sure each paper delivers consistent flavor and a slow burn. Rice paper is infamous for being very smooth and harder to roll. That’s not a problem with the Vibes rice rolling paper, which has a good grip. 

Best Splurge Rolling Papers
Shine 24k Rolling Papers

Nothing says “I do like smoking weed and being cool” like these 24k rolling papers. Don’t let their appearance fool you — there’s a hemp blend base underneath that edible gold coating. At $22 for two sheets, you don’t want to get them in the hands of your friend who has poor rolling skills. The papers burn slightly slower compared to their other hemp counterparts, with the gold not interfering with burn evenness. And, if the gold doesn’t match your Timex collection, the company sells a white gold option.  

Best Budget Rolling Papers

There’s a reason why Raw rolling papers are every stoner’s go-to papers: They’re readily available, they’re cheap and they’re high quality. Plus, there are many sizes to choose from, and you can choose between a Classic hemp blend, an organic hemp blend, and Raw Black, which are double pressed to make them incredibly thin. Hemp papers are great for starters and expert rollers, along with casual tokers and dedicated smokers, making Raw a brand for all.

Best Vegan Rolling Papers
Blazy Susan

Blazy Susans, made in France, combine quality and flair with their wood pulp make-up — which prevents any unwanted flavors mixing with your weed — and pink hue. Blazy Susans are also vegan and non-GMO, meaning you can smoke with peace of mind. And, they’re durable, meaning no surprise rips when you roll. 

Best Hemp Rolling Papers
Sackville & Co

Sackville & Co.’s thin papers are made of 100 percent hemp, ensuring a slow and even burn. Black, blue, pink and yellow papers — or bougie, grounded, vibrant and powerful, as they’re called on the website — ensure you have the right rolling paper for the right vibe. Imagine how hard you’ll look matching a joint to your outfit. 

Best Rice Rolling Papers
Flower By Edie Parker

The flower printed rice papers by Edie Parker Flower, Edie Parker’s luxury cannabis brand, give your weed some whimsy. The brand also sells magnum papers that come with striped crutches. Pair this jay with an Online Ceramics T-shirt and Birkenstocks

Best Clean Rolling Papers

Elements rolling papers are designed to burn clean without almost any ash, thanks to their rice and sugar make-up. In fact, the natural sugar gum caramelizes as it burns and does not alter the taste of your smoke. The watermark printed on the paper prevents running and allows for a smooth, even burn. These eco-friendly papers are made in a small region of Spain called Alcoy, in the mountains north of Alicante, Spain, the birthplace of rolling papers — you can’t get more approval than that. 

Best Thin Rolling Papers

Odet Cascadet Bolloré (OCB) papers are made out of flax plant fibers and are practically see through — talk about thin. The company built its first factory in the year 1822; by 1918, the OCB brand was established and quickly became the leading rolling paper manufacturer worldwide. If 100 years of experience doesn’t convince you to use these rolling papers, what will?

Best Selection of Rolling Papers

Rizla’s papers are available in a variety of widths and thicknesses, giving you plenty of options to make a perfect joint. Try Orange and White Rizla+ for a thicker paper, or the Black and Silver Rizla+ for a thinner option. 

Best Flavored Rolling Papers
Juicy Jay's

For those looking for joints with taste (literally), look no further than Juicy Jay papers, which come in 32 different flavors. The rolling papers are made out of natural materials like hemp, sugar gum and soy ink for printing. The papers are triple-dipped and go through three flavoring processes in order to keep their strong flavor over time. 

Best Wired Rolling Papers
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Randy’s Wired Rolling Papers come with a wire handle to hold the joint to prevent the risk of burning your fingers while toking. Additionally, the paper features a non-toxic stainless steel wire to make rolling a breeze. 

Most Iconic Rolling Papers

If you roll your own cigarettes, you’re already familiar with the Zig-Zag brand. The French-made papers have been in production since 1906, and with over a century of experience, Zig-Zag has to be a brand to know. If you need papers in a pinch, this brand — widely found in convenience stores — is a good option. 

Best Cult-Favorite Rolling Papers

First established in 1794, Bambú is one of the oldest paper manufacturers in the industry. They’re the same papers referenced in Cheech and Chong’s “Big Bambu” album — if it’s good for these guys, it’s good for you. 

Best Unbleached Rolling Papers

These rolling papers are practically transparent, thanks to their 100 percent cellulose make-up. And, unlike other paper companies that bleach papers to get white papers, Aleda’s papers are unbleached, giving you a natural smoke. 

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