There are many styles of camping. Some people go off the grid in South America. Others park their van and camp wherever they can find a parking spot with a view.

But no matter what, at the end of a long day of backpacking, fishing, hunting or even just swimming in the lake nearby, every camper likes to take a load off and the cold, hard ground won’t cut it.

Thankfully, there’s a camp chair for everyone; collapsible seating ranges from heavy, relatively luxurious chairs you’ll need a car to tote around to ultralight chairs that can slot snugly into a backpack. With that in mind, here are 13 of our favorites that run the gamut from minimalist to ultra-luxe.

— Tanner Bowden, Meg Lappe and AJ Powell contributed to this story

Best Overall

Helinox Chair One

If Helinox's Chair One had been in the Three Bears's cabin, Goldilocks's choice would've been a cinch. It's the camp chair that sets the standard for all four-legged adventure seats, with its lightweight fabric and aluminum construction. It weighs in at just over two pounds and offers a seating height of 11 inches, which is plenty of space between your rear and the cold, hard ground. Not only does it collapse to a size small enough to carry in a backpack, but the Chair One is also extremely easy to set up: its frame is made from one tent-style, shock-cord pole apparatus and the seat itself is one piece of ripstop polyester. Our testers continually come back to this chair and attest to its comfort and size for day trips to swimming holes, canoe camping trips, backpacking trips and even car camping trips where you could get away with something bigger.

Weight: 2 pounds 2 ounces
Materials: ripstop polyester, anodized DAC aluminum
Seat Height: 11 inches
Packed Dimensions: 3.5 x 4.5 x 13.5 inches
Weight Capacity: 320 pounds

Upgrade Pick

Nemo Equipment Moonlite Reclining Chair

Like our more affordable Just Get This pick, Nemo Equipment's Moonlite combines a fabric seat with a tentpole-style collapsible aluminum frame for packable, off-the-ground seating. There are, however, notable differences. One is that the Moonlite is lighter; at one pound 14 ounces, it's among the lightest camping chairs on our list. It's a bit more packable, too.

But the standout feature is the strap system that allows you to adjust the chairback's recline just like you would backpack straps. We've found in our testing that there's no downside to it — it doesn't slip at all while you're seated, even over long periods. We should also mention the seamless mesh seat, which is far more comfortable than we expected. And comfort is what the Moonlite is all about in the end; that the chair is lighter and smaller at the same time is a bonus that we think is worth the extra money.

Weight: 1 pound 14 ounces
Materials: polyester, anodized DAC aluminum
Seat Height: 11 inches
Packed Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 14 inches
Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Best Budget Camping Chair

REI Co-op Camp X Chair

Even at its most affordable, the classic camp chair doesn't have to be uncomfortable or feature-free. And while it isn't lightweight enough to bring on a backpacking trip, REI's wallet-friendly Camp X Chair packs plenty to like, from an integrated cup holder and pouch to a supportive fabric seat made of webbing and mesh. This chair also comes with a stuff sack for convenient packing and storage.

Weight: 7 pounds 3 ounces
Materials: polyester, nylon mesh
Seat Height: 10.5 inches
Packed Dimensions: 7 x 33 inches
Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Best Packable Camping Chair

Crazy Creek Hex 2.0

Crazy Creek’s foam and fabric chairs have been providing back support for campers in every environment for over 30 years. The Crazy Creek Hex 2.0 is dead simple, and that’s a good thing. It consists of one piece of fabric folded at a 90-degree angle and held together by two nylon straps. It’s light and affordable, and best of all, because there are no aluminum poles to bend, it’s incredibly durable. You can fold it, roll it and jam it into whatever you’re using to pack your gear.

Weight: 1 pound 5 ounces
Materials: Ripstop nylon, carbon fiber stays
Packed Dimensions: 4 x 16.5 inches
Weight Capacity: 250 pounds

Best Ultralight Camping Chair

Therm-a-Rest Trekker Chair

Most self-affirmed ultralight backpackers wouldn’t even consider bringing along something so luxurious and unnecessary as a chair, but Therm-a-Rest's Trekker Chair isn’t really a chair at all. It’s more of a sling that turns the sleeping pad that’s already in your pack into a chair. The Trekker Chair is made with 100 percent polyester ripstop fabric that protects your pad from abrasions while keeping it folded up on itself in an L shape that’s perfect for sitting at the end of a long day. It packs down small and only weighs 10 ounces — surely even a pure minimalist could find room in an outside pocket to tote this chair along on the trail.

Weight: 10 ounces
Materials: polyester
Seat Height: 4 inches
Packed Dimensions: 4 x 20 inches

Best Chair for Campgrounds

GCI Outdoor Big Comfort Stadium Chair

Picnic tables are great for giving your legs a rest but spend too much time seated on a wooden bench and your back will be screaming. GCI’s created a solution with the Stadium Chair — it’s constructed specifically to perch on picnic table benches and stadium bleachers so that you can give your back a break while you’re hanging at basecamp or watching the game. The chair secures to the seat with a rotating L clamp and folds up for transportation much like a typical beach chair.

Weight: 4.2 pounds
Materials: nylon mesh, polyester fabric, aluminum
Seat Height: 4 inches
Packed Dimensions: 8 x 22.8 x 7.1 inches
Weight Capacity: 330 pounds

Most Comfortable Camping Chair

Nemo Equipment Stargaze Luxury Recliner

Here it is, the Cadillac of camping chairs: the Stargaze Recliner Luxury. NEMO built its entire Stargaze line with comfort in mind — each one is a free-swinging seat suspended between a set of lightweight aluminum poles. The Luxury takes comfort to the max though, with a supportive headrest that’ll let you gaze into the depths of the Milky Way for hours without developing a crick in your neck. All that comfort comes at a price — the Stargaze Luxury is probably too heavy for longer treks and will take up plenty of space in your backpack, but it’s great for car and boat camping where you don’t have to worry about weight. It’s like a portable La-Z-Boy; don’t be surprised if you find yourself waking up in it in the morning.

Weight: 6 pounds 5 ounces
Materials: Water-resistant nylon mesh, aluminum
Packed Dimensions: 7 x 24 inches
Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Best Chair for the Beach

Helinox Beach Chair

You can get away with bringing any of the camp chairs on this list to the beach, but if that's where you plan to park your seat most of the time, it's best to get a dedicated piece of packable furniture for that role. Beaches are different from campsites in one primary way: sand. Helinox's Beach Chair has wider feet so that it won't sink into it. It also has a higher back for lounging because, unlike camping, going to the beach isn't about roughing it.

Weight: 3 pounds 4 ounces
Materials: ripstop polyester, anodized DAC aluminum
Seat Height: 6.5 inches
Packed Dimensions: 5.5 x 18.5 x 4.5 inches
Weight Capacity: 320 pounds

Best Two-Person Camping Chair

Kelty Low Loveseat

Camping isn’t always a solo endeavor. In fact, it’s often double the fun with more than one buddy. If you happen to head out with your significant other, your patience might be tested and will leave you questioning, will this last the weekend? This chair is here to help. At the end of a long day of hiking, pull this loveseat out. While this isn’t the lightest of chairs, it’ll fit two people, and you both can lean back to enjoy the views, making it all the better to check out the sky and rest your achy legs and back.

Editor's note: If your heart is set on the Deep Lake/Fallen Rock colorway shown at the top of this page, you can get it for $119.95 here.

Weight: 15 pounds 6 oz.
Materials: 600D polyester
Seat Height: 13.5 inches
Assembled Dimensions: 44 x 23.5 x 31.5 inches
Weight Capacity: 500 pounds

Best Camping Chair for the Backyard

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair
$60.88 (49% off)

Sometimes you don’t have to wander much farther than your own backyard to experience the great outdoors. Or your neighbor's backyard. Or the sideline of your kid's soccer game. Or the park around the corner. You see where we're going here — the King Kong Chair is heavy, sure, but its padded seat is also comfy and easy to deploy. One more thing: This chair also has a lifetime guarantee.

Weight: 12.5 pounds
Materials: 600D polyester
Seat Height: 18 inches
Packed Dimensions: 7 x 41 inches
Weight Capacity: 800 pounds

Best Rocking Chair for Camping

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker

Picture yourself sitting lakeside with a beer in hand, feeling tired, yet fulfilled after a successful long day of hiking. Are you sitting still or rocking back and forth? There’s something to be said about a rocker on a porch (or better yet, on a dock). While rocking chairs are definitely not for the carry-in, carry-out type, throw this in the back of your pick-up and enjoy a few calming undulations anywhere you go.

Weight: 12.1 pounds
Materials: Powder-coated steel
Seat Height: 19.7 inches
Packed Dimensions: 25 x 4.9 x 34.8 inches
Weight Capacity: 250 pounds

Most Rugged Camping Chair

Yeti Trailhead

The Trailhead isn't taking home any prizes for being lightweight or affordable; that's never been Yeti's focus. The brand's second chair follows many of the cues of its first, the Hondo Base Camp Chair. It's ultra-durable and uses the same high-tension fabric (which can support up to 500 pounds). It's also sturdy with a frame that locks into place and extra-wide feet that won't sink into soft ground. Unlike the folding Hondo, the Trailhead accordions into a tight bundle that fits into an included carry bag.

Weight: 13.3 pounds
Materials: FlexGrid fabric, aluminum
Seat Height: 16.75 inches
Packed Dimensions: 11.75 x 43 x 9 inches
Weight Capacity: 500 pounds

Best Camping Stool

Hillsound BTR

Minimalism and comfort combine in Hillsound's BTR, a camping stool that packs down to a water bottle's size. The genius of the BTR — short for "Better Than a Rock" — is in its telescoping legs and their integrated PhantomLock technology, which hold fast while you are seated but disengage when it's time to pack it all up. The stool comes in two sizes, both of which can support up to 240 pounds.

Weight: 12.2 ounces (14-inch version), 14.1 ounces (17-inch version)
Materials: nylon mesh, aluminum alloy
Seat Height: 14 or 17 inches
Packed Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 11.4 inches (14-inch version), 3 x 3 x 13.4 inches (17-inch version)
Weight Capacity: 240 pounds