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19 Gift Ideas for the Coffee Lover in Your Life

Whether you're shopping for dad, who is only in it for the caffeine, or your buddy who spends hours sweating their water-to-coffee ratio, our list has something to get them going in the mornings.

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Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to labor over your Chemex recipe to be a “coffee person.” Coffee people are everywhere — all it takes is an undying love of hot water drawn through a pile of ground-up beans. From a $19 stocking stuffer to the best damn drip brewer you can buy, here are 19 ideas to help you shop for everyone from your buddy who spends hours sweating their water-to-coffee ratio to your dad, who is only in it for the caffeine.

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Blue Bottle Cupping Spoon
Blue Bottle Coffee
Blue Bottle

A true coffee lover will own a cupping spoon to best evaluate the coffee they're drinking. It's dorky, but it's fun. Just be careful if you buy this for someone you live with because you'll start to hear a lot of slurping.

SCA The Coffee Taster's Flavor Wheel Poster

This is one of those if you know, you know gifts. You get this for the person who knows the Gold Cup Standard inside and out. If you, or they, have never heard of that, keep scrolling.

Collapsible Travel Cup, 24oz.

Stojo's travel cup is there when you need your coffee on the go, and then out of the way when you're all buzzed up.

Elemental Beverage Co. Single Origin Sampler
Elemental Beverage Co.
Elemental Beverage Co.

Cold brew coffee versus iced coffee is not a discussion of better and worse — they’re just different. Cold brew coffee lovers herald the style’s chocolatey, rich and sweet flavors — Elemental Beverage Co. is the opposite of this. Expect canned coffee with all the brightness and acidity of a pour-over.

The Mug
East Fork
East Fork

The Mug from East Fork will quickly become their favorite mug — and it's handmade in the US. 

AeroPress Go Portable Travel Coffee Press

Aeropress was considered the greatest travel coffee brewer of all time before the travel-sized version of it came out. Its latest Travel Brewer uses the exact same manual brew dynamics but comes in a tidier package.

The World Atlas of Coffee (Second Edition)
Firefly Books

James Hoffmann is a former World Barista Champion, roaster owner, coffee consultant and, most recently, a successful Youtuber. More importantly, he knows more about the past, present and future of coffee than most human beings, and his writing is clever enough to make reading fun.

Bonavita 1.0L Stovetop Gooseneck Kettle
Now 25% off

For those who want to boil water the old-fashioned way, Bonavita's iconic gooseneck kettle is the way to go. It has optimal water-pouring control, and it doesn't weigh itself down with extraneous bells and whistles (except the one that blasts when the water is boiling).

Coldwave Beverage Chiller

This weird little device is the fastest way to make hot coffee cold without watering it down. Freeze the insert, dump a pot in the carafe and drop the icey block inside. Ice cold in 90 seconds.

Gear Patrol

Few pour-over devices are as iconic as the Chemex, which is a permanent fixture in the Museum of Modern Art. Makes sense since the coffee that comes out of a Chemex can be quite a work of art, too.

Trade Gift Subscription

Trade connects dozens of coffee roasters across the country with those craving yet another cup of joe. Give the caffeine addict in your life a few bags to keep them jittery until their next shipment comes.

Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister

Fellow’s little coffee canisters are simple to use and nice to look at. Dump beans in them, push the lid on and twist until you see a little green circle on the top. When twisting, you are literally sucking oxygen from the container, creating a space for beans to sit and not slowly stale.

Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder
crate and barrel

Barataza's Encore grinder is, hands down, the best overall coffee grinder you can buy. Stop buying pre-ground coffee, and you'll realize how much you've been missing out on this whole time.

Acaia Pearl Scale
Blue Bottle Coffee

Watch competitive baristas at work (yes, they exist) and you will, without a shadow of a doubt, see a handful of Acaia’s scales. Beyond the basic timing and weighing duties, they record all sorts of historical brew data, allowing the user to recall what they made yesterday and identify why it was good (or bad). Get this for serious pour-over coffee enthusiasts.

Oxo 8-cup Coffee Maker

Say good-bye to K-cup brewers because Oxo made a coffee machine that can do double duty: it makes a single-serving if you're drinking on your own, and you can toggle it to brew large batch brews for those long-haul work sessions.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

No one likes lukewarm coffee. Ember mugs keep your coffee at your desired temperature for up to 80 minutes on a single charge. If you aren't going anywhere, you can keep the mug docked on its charger to keep your brew hot all day.  

Java Coffee Grinder

Do they travel often? If so, this compact hand grinder is the upgrade over crappy hotel coffee. 

Ratio Six Coffee Maker
Ratio Coffee

Simulating barista-style pour-over, it's a coffee maker any coffee nerd will appreciate. 

Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine

Get an espresso maker and it'll pay for itself. No reason to spend upwards of five bucks for a shot when you have Breville's Barista Express. It requires some more tinkering than entry-level models, but the espresso that comes out of it rivals what you might get from a cafe.

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