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Here's What to Buy Yourself With That Christmas Money You Got

After a couple of months of shopping for your loved ones, why not pick up something nice for yourself heading into the New Year?

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After a few months of holiday shopping, it's no surprise if you've found yourself with a bit of shopping fatigue. Finding a gift for everyone in your life is no easy task, whether you love gifting or not. The big question is: did you splurge on yourself during all of those juicy holiday sales? If you were able to hold off on buying something for yourself, kudos to you. After all, you do know what you want better than anyone else. This probably means that gift cards or a bit of cash stuffed into a holiday card is now the norm when it comes to receiving gifts. There's no better time to spend your newly-discovered wealth than right now heading into the New Year.

This may sound like I'm encouraging an impulse buy, but that's not what I'm getting at. The holidays usually mean that plate after plate of food has been eaten, a few too many beers have been guzzled and work probably deserves a little more attention. There is nothing wrong with those things — part of why the holidays are so good. Like many of us, though, you probably have been thinking about how to turn around things when January hits. Now is the time to set out your intentions for 2022 and the gear you'll need to achieve them.

Obviously, we love our gear here at GP, so we've got dozens and dozens of suggestions for starting the New Year off right. Here are just a few to get you started.

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An Office Chair
Steelcase Series 1 Work Office Chair

Go ahead and upgrade that old chair you've been stealing from the kitchen table by treating yourself to one of our absolute favorite office chairs, the Steelcase Series 1.

Desk Accessories
Grovemade Matte Desk Mat

If you already got yourself a chair early in the pandemic, pick up something to spruce up your desk space like this desk mat from Grovemade, which looks great and protects the surface of your desk.  

Arlo Skye Zipper Carry-On Max

Whether you're headed to the beach to escape the cold or are flying to Colorado for a mid-winter ski trip, you'll need some luggage. This carry-on from Arlo Skye made our Winter Gear Awards as the best luggage. 

Recovery Tools
Therabody Theragun Pro

You've probably got some big fitness resolutions for the New Year. If you're trying for a PR on the track or want to max out your squat, you need to recover well. The Therabody Theragun Pro is one of our favorite tools for the job. 

Running Shoes
Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit Road Running Shoes

Speaking of PRs, these plush, bouncy runners from Nike will be the perfect workhorse on which to log your winter miles. When that springtime race comes, you'll be ready. 

A Smart Home Gym
Tempo Studio Starter Package

If it seems like we're beating the fitness drum, well, we are. January is notorious for attempted fitness resolutions but they often seemed doomed from the start. Put in some serious investment (both time and money) and you won't want to give it up so easily this year. The Tempo Studio is the smart do-it-all home gym that will have you longing to work out every day. 

A Down Jacket
Mountain Hardwear Stretchdown Hoody

Don't like the cold months? The Stretchdown hoody from Mountain Hardwear won our Winter Gear Award for Best Down Jacket, so you can't go wrong copping one for yourself this winter. 

Winter Boots
Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX Hiking Boots

City or suburbs, hiking trail or urban jungle, these Gore-Tex boots from Salomon will keep your feet dry no matter where you go this winter (and beyond).  

A Sweat Set
Goodlife Sueded Fleece Set

If getting outdoors, down jacket and GTX boots in tow, isn't your idea of winter fun, pick up a sweat set like this one from Goodlife. The top adds a touch of class that you don't get from a hoodie, while the bottoms are a big upgrade from your overworn sweats.  

A Meal Delivery Kit
Blue Apron Meal Delivery

Speaking of staying home, rising COVID numbers and dropping temperatures have made going out for dinner lose its luster. If you'd prefer to stay home and hone your skills as a chef, Blue Apron is the ideal way to get started.  

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