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Looking for Decent Bed Sheets? Check Amazon

Holy sheet, Amazon has some pretty good bedding.

sheet sets on amazon

Bedding is an important investment. You sleep for hours a day, every day for the rest of your life, so you sure as hell better get some good bed sheets unless you want to wake up feeling like crap each morning. So maybe you don't really care about what bed sheets you sleep on and just want something cheap — and you want it fast. Thankfully there's Amazon, and millions of reviewers who have weeded out the bad bed sheets from the bed sheets that don't actually suck (you can get a nice mattress, too). With help from those opinionated reviewers, we rounded up the best bed sheets you can buy on Amazon, whether you're looking for something to keep you from overheating at night or you just need something to hold you over until you find something better.

The Best Sheets on Amazon

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Best Percale Sheets
Peru Pima 415 Thread Count Percale
Peru Pima

Percale is probably the best bedding material for most people. The design of the weave makes them soft and durable, and they're especially good at keeping you cool while you sleep. Peru Pima's take on percale is made extra-long-staple, which explains their slightly higher price. Because they're percale, the sheets will get better with wear and washing. As one reviewer writes, these sheets are "crisp, delightful and a joy to sleep in year after year."

Best Microfiber Sheets
Mellanni Bed Sheet Set 1800 Bedding
Now 25% off

Mellanni is one of Amazon's biggest brands for bed sheets. With over 250,00o reviews, these microfiber sheets from the brand are Amazon's top-rated bed sheets. For good reason, too. They're soft and cheap, and they're backed by Mellanni's lifetime warranty: If at any point in your life you decide these sheets aren't for you, the brand will take them back with no questions asked.

Best Lightweight Microfiber Sheets
Amazon Basics Lightweight Microfiber Sheet Set

One qualm with microfiber sheets, being synthetic, is that they're a little stuffy. If you sleep hot, they're probably not great for you. But these lightweight microfiber sheets are extra thin for breathability, and they still retain microfiber's signature softness. With extra-deep pockets, the sheets will even fit the loftiest of beds, even those up to 16-inches high.

Best Cooling Sheets
Bedsure Bamboo Sheets

Made of viscose derived from bamboo, these Bedsure sheets help those who get hot while they sleep by wicking away moisture and regulating body temperature. Reviewers note these have a buttery soft feel to them, and almost every reviewer out of the 29,000-plus reviews attest to the sheets being able to keep them cool in even the hottest climates.

Best Linen Sheets
Dapu Pure Linen Sheets Set

Linen sheets are going to be pricey no matter where you buy them. These Dapu sheets, however, are a good value for one of the most luxurious types of bedding. The linen is made from French flax that was grown and processed without chemicals. Before they're sold, the sheets are stone washed to make them soft while also giving them a nice worn-in look. 

Best Sheets in Every Color
Bare Home 1800 Ultra-Soft Microfiber Sheets

You'll notice microfiber sheets appear often on this list, mainly because they're really cheap, and Amazon shoppers love their deals. These sheets have a whopping 32,000-plus reviews, with people praising the affordability and softness. As one reviewer writes,"I love them and plan to buy another set and tell everyone I know about them!" Bare Home offers these sheets in dozens of colors so there's an option for everyone.

Best Flannel Sheets
Bare Home Flannel Sheet Set

Flannel is a great material for bedding in the cooler months. Like your favorite flannel shirt, flannel bedding is warm, cozy and soft. These sheets from Bare Home are everything good about the cold-weather material. They're double brushed for softness and built to last thanks to tightly stitched threads.

Best Sateen Sheets
Mayfair Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Mayfair's cotton sheets are made from long-staple cotton, a feature usually reserved for more expensive, higher-end cotton sheets. These sheets are durable with a super-soft feel, and they're made with extra-deep pockets to accommodate thicker mattresses.

Best Sheets with Deep Pockets
CGK Sheet Set

These days, it seems most people prefer thicker mattresses, which can be troublesome to find good sheets that fit. These CGK sheets have deep pockets, which basically mean there's more fabric to wrap around the mattresses without it coming undone. They're available in 20 colors, and they're a pretty good deal, too.

Best Organic Sheets
Pinzon 300 Thread Count Organic Cotton Bed Sheet Set

Pinzon's GOTS-certified sheets are lightweight, durable and soft — essential characteristics when it comes to your bedding. They also come in some fairly muted colors that complement almost any interior design setup.

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