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You’re Not as Tall as You Think. These 8 Stepladders Will Help You Reach Greater Heights

Stop tip-toeing when a stepladder can take you higher.


If you can touch you’re ceiling, your home is either too small or you’re too tall — perhaps both. At 5-foot 9-inches, I’m about average height and there are still cabinets in my home that are beyond my reach, even when I’m on my tippy-toes. To reach the top shelf, I need help. A chair, perhaps? No. Worker’s Comp organizations make posters that say “Don’t you dare stand on a chair” on them. You can even read 162 falling-from-chair horror stories on the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Health & Safety accident catalog. Climbing on the counter is similarly daunting. The solution is a nice-looking stepladder, which you might (wrongly) believe to be an oxymoron. Usually relegated to the garage, the unsightly contraptions hide in darkness, gathering cobwebs and dust, until there’s a top-shelf conundrum. How about we skip the garage bit? These 8 stepladders will help you move up in the world and don’t look terrible doing it.

Ikea Vilto

It’s not a ladder, but Ikea’s Vilto will give you a 10-inch vertical boost at $2 an inch

BUY NOW: $20

Xtend & Climb SL2HLight Slimline 2 Step Ladder

Xtend & Climb’s home series of stepladders is made of industrial-grade aluminum that’s lightweight and sleek. The stepladder has a slim profile so it can be stowed away in tight places.

BUY NOW: $60

Frontgate Ultralight Slimline 2-Step Ladder

Frontgate ladders come in a variety of bold colors so they’re a standout piece as much as they are functional. The 7-pound ladder has nonslip steps and rubber feet for extra safety.

BUY NOW: $119

Sorfey Aluminum/Bamboo Folding 3 Step Ladder

A similar shape to the Frontgate, Sorfey’s stepladder is about the same price with an extra step. The black frame and wood-like platforms are a nice design touch.

BUY NOW: $120

Metaphys Lucano Stepstool 3-Step

The Metaphys Lucano Stepstool is a collaboration between Metaphys, an award-winning design lab, and the Hasegawa Kogyo Company, which has been making ladders and scaffolding in Japan for over 60 years. The stepladder is made of hand-assembled aluminum and steel with a satin powdercoat finish in a color of your choice.

BUY NOW: $199

Hasegawa Ladders Tuscania Step Ladder

The Tuscania is a piece of well-crafted furniture in and of itself. It’s made of 90 percent beechwood and 10 percent plastic, and reviewers say they’ve never felt safer on a ladder.

BUY NOW: $233

Kartell Upper Stepladder

Kartell’s Upper stepladder, designed by Alberto Meda and Paolo Rizzatto, is a combination of transparent polycarbonate and chromed steel. Although it’s foldable, you might want to keep it open and have it as a stand for plants and other small pieces of home decor.

BUY NOW: $314

Design House Stockholm Step

Truly a vanity piece, this $525 stepladder won accolades from Wallpaper and Sweden’s Elle Decoration. It’s made of solid oak and comes with a hook so you can hang it on the wall.

BUY NOW: $525

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