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Leather, Suede and Wool Gloves for Surviving Winter

These gloves guarantee your hands will see spring.

best gloves for men
Gear Patrol

Unlike gloves designed for skiers, snowboarders or even off-season runners, the gloves on this list emphasize style over function. They do, of course, keep you warm. That's the whole point. These strive to look polished pair with a knit beanie and some kind of overcoat. Unequipped with bells and whistles like reflective striping, cinched cuffs or artificial grip, options here favor leather, woolen or suede construction, save for the occasional polyester sherpa or nylon weave.

When the temperatures drop below freezing, it matters what you wear. And with no part of your body is this truer than your hands: They're often first to succumb to sub-zero temperatures. Sure, you'd freeze without your winter jacket, but few strut out into the cold without a single layer on. Gloves, I'd guess, are what men skip most. So, get yourself a pair — ones equipped with tech-friendly fingertips included.

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The Best Leather Glove
Atle Nubuck

As far as glove makers go, Hestra is a must-know. The brand's Atle glove — constructed from nubuck cowhide leather with a cinched wrist and pre-curved fingers — mixes fashion and function. Plus, they'll last forever. 

Lambswool Tipped Gloves

These lambswool gloves — woven with a little nylon for added durability — come with tech-friendly fingertips for urgent texts and emails. 

Gobi Cashmere

You're not going to find more affordable cashmere gloves than these by Gobi. They're constructed from Mongolia-grown cashmere and come in five colors.

Deerskin Lined Gloves
Shinola + Geier

Shinola doesn't just make watches. This collab with Geier Glove Company proves so. Available in three colors, these deerskin gloves are pile lined.

Full Finger Knit Gloves

As the name implies, these are not fingerless. The full-knit Filson glove works even when wet and are thin enough to slip under a bulkier work glove.

Leather Gloves

Barbour's fleece-lined leather gloves come with an adjustable cuff to guarantee the proper (and most protective) fit.

Suede Gloves

Suede gloves don't promise the same durability as double-layered traditional leather or nylon ones, but they make up for it with their looks.

Signature Cashmere Gloves

Naadam lets you choose from a selection of 10 colors for its signature cashmere gloves, which come with certification of where the wool was sourced from and more.

Knit Cuff Leather Gloves
Banana Republic

Don't underestimate the importance of a tight cuff. Banana Republic ensures no cold air can enter with a tight knit iteration, which contrasts the pebbled black leather well. 

Madrone Merino Sheepskin Gloves

Overland's specialized in sheepskin since 1973. That means nearly 50 years of experience crafting jackets, blankets and, evident by this note here, gloves from the stuff. Trust the experts.

Cashmere Gloves

Wills' Cashmere Gloves come in two sizes, XS/S and M/L, in order to ensure the perfect fit. Woolen gloves can stretch so be mindful when ordering yours.

Deerskin Shorty: Vintage
Sullivan Glove

Shorty: Vintage — the name suits these well. They are retro-tinged but in the right way. The leather has a grained finish, and the wrist is cinched, while the back of the hand has decorative stitching for seriousness. 

Wool Gloves
Noah Marion

Noah Marion mixed the best features from both gardening and winter gloves into this polished pair. They have a tight wrist and taught fingers, plus brass hardware to boot.

Wool Texting Gloves

Texting back is no biggie with Madewell's Wool Texting Gloves. Truly. They work the best on iPhones from the bunch that I've tested. 

Cashmere Fingerless Gloves
American Trench

I honestly don't understand fingerless gloves unless you're working with small parts...outside...in the snow. Still, try a different pair, please. But if you're committed to the cause, American Trench's cashmere-made ones are the finest I've seen — by far.

Ragg Wool Gloves / Deerskin Palm
Upstate Stock

Upstate Stock mixes materials for its eponymous glove, which has a ragg wool back and a deerskin palm. The latter promises durability while the latter emphasizes comfort. 

Ragg Wool Gloves
Duluth Trading Co.

This is another pair that strategically replaces the glove's primary material for something more durable where it's needed. Again, it's ragg wool and deerskin, but these cost under $40 bucks.

Atlus Knit Gloves

For those walking a block or two to the train or a couple of seconds to the car, Evolg's Atlus Knit Gloves guarantee warmth without the bulk of bigger gloves. Not wearing these anymore? They easily tuck into a pocket or a bag.

Recycled Wool + Fleece Glove
Elmer Gloves

Elmer Gloves has been in business since the late 1800s. These are obviously a modern style, but they're built on the brand's extensive history of emphasizing craftsmanship nonetheless. They are cut from durable recycled wool and fleece and feature a two snap button cuff. 

Original Lined Goatskin Gloves

Filson's Original Lined Goatskin Gloves are, well, the original. The brand's made other iterations based off it, but there's no beating it — and they know it too. They make it easy to move and use your fingers still, guarantee warmth within and are rip and tear resistant. 

Scott Gloves
Carhartt Work In Progress

Ah, a pair of gloves to match that Carhartt beanie you just bought — in the same shade of brown, too.

Svante Charcoal Gloves
Norse Projects

A collab between Norse Projects and famed glove brand Hestra, the Svante Charcoal Gloves are a happy hybrid between a super soft winter glove and something more geared toward driving. 

Fingerless Ragg Wool Gloves
Upstate Stock

I remain confused by fingerless gloves, but Upstate Stock's melange pair might be cool enough to change my mind.

Cragmont Fleece Glove
The North Face

The Cragmont Fleece Glove comes with a texture hand and fingers, but the palm, pointer finger and thumb are lined with goat leather. These reinforcements ensure you won't ruin the sherpa on any sharp edges. 

Knit Fingerless Gloves

Levi's line of basics — T-shirts, socks, beanies — is nothing to overlook. It includes gloves, both fingerless and full fingered, in a bevy of colors. 

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