A New Year Is around the Corner. Reinvest In Your Fitness with Future Personal Training

Future Fitness provides unlimited digital training for a price you can't find anywhere else.

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Future Fitness

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Future Fitness

The holiday season is always a hectic time, but with Future Fitness, you can maintain your fit lifestyle no matter where you're headed for the holidays. Future offers one-on-one digital personal training and custom workouts created specifically for you by your Future coach. Whether you're looking to get stronger, train for a race or just stay consistent with your workout routine, Future has you covered.

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      Workouts That Work

      Get personalized and tailored workouts specifically made to crush your goals. This way you can focus more on completing the workout than figuring out what exercise you need to do next and how many reps you have to do it for. You just hit start, and your Future coach does the rest.

      Get Fit Wherever You Want

      Whether you are working out at a fully stocked gym or a hotel with no equipment, Future works around your lifestyle and your coach will tailor your workouts based on whatever you have available to you.

          Real Personal Training

          Future pairs you up with a real personal trainer so you can ask questions and receive support every day of the week. Plus, they are always willing to give you that extra bit of motivation when you're feeling tired.

          Price: $19 (for the first month, $149 per month after)

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