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I Know What a Towel Is, but What the Hell Is a Bath Sheet?

No, they're not just like bed sheets for the bathroom.

ikea bath sheet hanging in bathroom

I own a bath towel. I think a majority of people reading this own a bath towel — you know, the thing you use to dry yourself after you've taken a shower or a bath. Then I learned about the bath sheet. And now I need everyone to know what a bath sheet is, which is essentially a super-sized bath towel. In order from smallest to largest in the bath linens realm it's: face towel (or washcloth), hand towel, bath towel then bath sheet. I'm not sure how I hadn't heard of the existence of bath sheets before, but I wasn't the only one in the dark. Judging by the near-6,000 likes on this tweet asking, "'What the hell is a “bath sheet?'" I figured it was time to enlighten us all. So now that you know about the existence of bath sheets, here's how they compare to the more ubiquitous bath towel — plus, a few bath sheets to buy to get yourself acquainted.

What's the difference between a bath towel and a bath sheet?

The difference between a bath towel and sheet is purely about size. That's it. A bath towel can usually measure around 28 inches by 56 inches, while a bath sheet usually comes in at 40 inches by 70 inches. For you math nerds, a bath sheet can be around 50 percent bigger than a towel.

Who should buy a bath sheet?

If you've gotten this far in life not annoyed with your bath towel, then you probably don't need a bath sheet. But if you've had some issues with bath towels, like questioning why it wasn't any bigger then you can probably use a bath sheet. You might want one if you have ever tied a towel around your waist and complained it was too tight or if, for some reason, you reach for more than one towel at a time. Some see bath sheets as a luxury item, so there's always that reason to buy one, too.

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1 Ikea Salviken

Ikea's dual-sided Salviken bath sheet is made of a waffle knit on one side and soft terry on the other. All you should know is it's cheap and absorbent. 

2 Utopia Towels Bath Sheet

These 700 GSM bath sheets will make you feel like you're in a utopia.

3 Haven Organic Cotton Terry Bath Sheet

Haven has a wide selection of colors for its bath sheets, and it helps that they're also super absorbent, plush and resistant to pilling.

4 Brooklinen Super-Plush Bath Sheets, Set of 2

Dry off with Brooklinen's bath sheets then tuck yourself into its ever-popular bed sheets.

5 Crane & Canopy Classic Bath Sheet

Make your home bathroom feel like a hotel bathroom with extra-luxurious bath sheets from Crane & Canopy.

6 Crate and Barrel Organic Cotton Waffle Slate Bath Sheet

You need to discover the epic-ness of waffle knit towels, and you need to fully enjoy it with a bath sheet.

7 Boll & Branch Waffle Terry Bath Sheet

Here's another waffle knit option for good measure except one side is velvety soft terry.

8 Please Stop Buying Cloth Bath Mats. They’re Gross and Weird
wood bath mats gear patrol lead full

Your bath mat is covered in bacteria.


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