Fox Racing's New Collection Is for the Ultimate Off-Roader

The new Legion Off Road collection from Fox Racing was designed to take your moto adventures further.

person resting on motorcycle wearing fox racing gear
Fox Racing

Fox Racing creates modern motocross and mountain biking gear and apparel that lives at the intersection of innovation and style. Rooted in the brand's competitive motocross spirit, the results are products that push the boundaries. Fox Racing’s new collection, Legion Off Road, is designed to keep riders safe and comfortable while on the bike. Whether you are gearing up for race day or just exploring your favorite trail, this collection will help you go the distance.

We caught up with Jeff Sagud, Global Merchandising Director for Fox Moto, to discuss the Legion Off Road collection.

person on motorcycle wearing fox racing gear
Fox Racing

Q: Who is the Legion Off Road aimed at?

Jeff Sagud: "We aim to create durable and versatile gear for enduro and dual sport riders who are riding in a number of conditions and terrains. We want our riders to be protected from the elements, whether that means inclement weather or coming into contact on tight trails with trees, branches and bushes. Off-road riding is freeing and accessible. We believe inclusion to be the biggest asset in the Legion Off Road community. Getting on a dirtbike for the first time can be intimidating, but we see off-road riding as a way to introduce dirtbikes to a broader audience — so that they’re able to experience the feeling that fuels our passion and love for the sport.

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Fox Racing
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Fox Racing

person riding across a river wearing fox racing gear
Fox Racing

Q: What’s the cornerstone of the collection? The most important piece?

JS: "For [this year] we have great updates to our Legion Off Road Pant. Oftentimes, the pant becomes the most important piece because it takes a beating. Having a durable, long-lasting pant that can be worn ride after ride is an important piece in any gear bag. This new pant is built to withstand the toughest terrain. We utilize Cordura® fabrics in the high abrasion zones and 850D polyester in the main body to withstand the elements, while adding our TruMotion® four-way stretch fabrics in the crotch gusset and knees to give the rider increased mobility where it is needed most. New updates to this pant include rethought big bore vents on the front of the thighs for increased airflow on those hotter days and thoughtful storage in the cargo pockets on the side of each leg. Finally, an all-new waist closure and side waist adjustment system allows riders of all shapes and sizes to get a secure fit in the pant for enhanced comfort on the bike."

Q: Which piece flies under the radar? The unsung hero? Why?

JS: "This is a tough one, but I’d have to say it is our Legion Tac Vest. As we see more and more off-road riders switch to vests for the longer extended rides, we wanted to enter this category with a different point of view. There certainly are a lot of brands making Off Road vests in the market today, but we have found them to be quite heavy and ill-fitting. We aimed to keep the dry weight of our vest extremely light, using lightweight durable materials in the main construction of the vest.


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