Nomad’s Charger Is Six Times Faster than Apple’s (And Just as Compact)

The 30W Adapter packs 10W more power than the usual 20W USB-C Power Adapter without any size increase.

nomad charger

There's no denying the appeal of Apple's original USB-A charging cube, but that's not saying it couldn't do with a few improvements. Nomad stepped up to the challenge with its 30W USB-C Charger, packing six times as much charging power as the Apple OG without any real size increase. If anything, it's actually smaller than Apple's current 20W wall outlet charger, but with 30W of power — this means less time waiting for your phone to top up and more time out doing the things you actually want to do. But let's be honest: Fast charging is important, but it's only worth so much if the charger doesn't look great next to all your other devices. As intelligently designed as all the other tech by your desk or in your home, Nomad made sure to craft this charging cube with a sleek, monochromatic and minimalist aesthetic.

Price: $30


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